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The Oracles
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Default Taken PB's + Holds for Characters and PB's

~ Characters and PBs will only be held for 7 days. You may renew these holds once they expire, but only two more successive times.

~ Hold anyone you want to app for. If no one holds a character and we get two apps for them, we will pick whoever requires the least editing (we're lazy like that). If someone puts in an app when someone ELSE has held the character, we give the holder priority. Please use the hold request format at the bottom of the post to let us know who is currently being held!

~ Do not use a PB who looks thoroughly modern The rule is mostly: be reasonable. The mods reserve the right to veto a PB they feel is not reasonable, on any grounds (age/modern makeup/etc).

~ ONLY PEOPLE AT COURT GET PLAYED. If your character has no reason to be at court, they've got nowhere to be played and no interaction. We are keeping the game set in Tal Volorro except when the king decides to move the court around on a royal progress. So do NOT apply with someone who has no business at the court. You can post in the Plotting Forum to get an idea of who has open retinue spots, or come up with some employment for your character on your own.

~ If you wish to play a foreign character, please PM The Oracles with your concept so we can make sure it works within the game.

~ You cannot create a major noble house for your first character (see:Character Creation Guide). You can make up a minor noble house if you want, but they cannot be ruling any of the cities that appear on the Game Map.

*** Having trouble finding a PB? Check the PB Help.
*** Having trouble deciding on a name? Check the Character Name Help.

- Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Jayr Solvitreo)
- Al Pacino (Gawen Vayth) - deceased
- Alex Pettyfer (Elijah Vaughn)
- Antonio Navas (Jayme Ascalon) - deceased
- Ben Barnes (Thane Voldryn)
- Caua Raymond (Jacen Mondragon)
- Charlie Hunnam (Gavin Vellfyre)
- Colin O'Donoghue (Kalden Vellfyre)
- Daniel Craig (Bryce Vellfyre)
- David Alpay (Jarem Aldarayth-Firuzahn)
- David Oakes (Edric Sollis) - deceased
- David Strathairn (Benedar Mondragon)
- Eduardo Verastegui (Rhaegar Vayth)
- Eric Dane (Gabriel Drake)
- George Clooney (Orsino Voldryn)
- Gethin Anthony (Alaric Harrowmont)
- Henry Cavill (Worthing Wolfe) - deceased
- Hugh Jackman (Warrick Wolfe)
- Ian McShane (Adhemar Solvitreo)
- Ioan Gruffud (Lanius Draven)
- James Frain (Georg Seyfert)
- James Purefoy (Cael Ambrosios)
- Jeremy Northam (Ryan Seyfert) - deceased
- Josh Dallas (Gareth Agrivale)
- Kim Coates (Attericus Harrowmont)
- Max Irons (Kyle Seyfert)
- Mike Vogel (Kain Vellfyre)
- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jason Vellfyre)
- Peter Dinklage (Oliver Meadows)
- Pierce Bronsan (Adan Vayth)
- Ray Stevenson (Rhaeys Vikary)
- Richard Armitage (Vidanrik Tethras)
- Ricky Whittle (Jeharraz Zisemides)
- Robert Redford (Rothgar Vellfyre)
- Simon Baker (Markus Harrowmont)
- Zach McGowan (Ryence)

- Adelaide Kane (Ausla Trunt) - deceased
- Adriana Lima (Tyana Solvitreo)
- Amber Heard (Salindra Harrowmont)
- Camilla Belle (Natalia Seyfert)
- Charlize Theron (Charlotte Howe Vellfyre)
- Cheryl Cole (Lenore Vellfyre)
- Dove Cameron (Zoe Harrowmont)
- Emilia Clarke (Zanara Solvitreo)
- Emily Kinney (Parissa Harrowmont)
- Eva Green (Winona Wolfe Saherazai)
- Hailee Steinfeld (Amina Solvitreo)
- Hannah New (Carolei Vikary)
- Helena Mattsson (Ziamara Fairchild)
- Holliday Grainger (Arista Vikary) - deceased
- Izabella Miko (Elinor Vellfyre)
- Janet McTeer (Alianor Vellfyre)
- Jennifer Connelly (Whitney Wolfe Vellfyre) - deceased
- Jessica Brown Findlay (Elizabeth Ambrosios)
- Katheryn Winnick (Raisa Verrun)
- Kaya Scodelario (Alys Fairwind)
- Kiernan Shipka (Olivia Seyfert)
- Madchen Amick (Melantha Solvitreo Vellfyre)
- Natalie Dormer (Freya Fairwind)
- Odeya Rush (Bryony Vayth)
- Rebecca Ferguson (Valencia Vellfyre)
- Rita Moreno (Irisa Mondragon)
- Rosamund Pike (Lucia Vellfyre)
- Saoirse Ronan (Rosina Vellfyre Tamor)
- Sarah Gabon (Valisa Stone)
- Victoria Justice (Damiata Mondragon)

Player - Character / PB - Held Until

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Player - Character / PB - Held Until
Napier - Celestia Hayford / Olivia Wilde - 11 March (extending it to 12/13)
Napier - to be deciced / Zach McGowan - 11 March (extending it to 12/13)

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Old 05-23-2016, 07:12 AM   #3
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I'd like to put a hold on Alianor Vellfyre Sollis / Michelle Pfieffer if possible!

Edit: If possible I'd like to hold the faceclaim Janet McTeer for now.

Last edited by Caz; 05-26-2016 at 10:08 AM.
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Old 05-27-2016, 05:25 PM   #4
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I'd like a hold on Morena Baccarin / Sabur al-Kafiba, please!
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(The) Khaleesi
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Holding Alodie Solvitreo (6.11) and Tiber Katselis (6.11) for temps.
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